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Alpine Foot and Ankle

Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Idaho Falls, ID and Alpine, WY

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Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Idaho Falls, ID and Alpine, WY



Podiatrist, Foot and Ankle Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Idaho Falls, ID and Alpine, WY

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Welcome to our Practice

Alpine Foot and Ankle, of Idaho Falls, ID and Alpine, WY, provides premier podiatry services to members of the Idaho Falls, Idaho, community and the surrounding areas. Andrew McCall, DPM, FACFAS, is board-certified in foot, rearfoot reconstruction, and ankle surgery and has over 20 years of experience. He and his team are committed to providing you with the highest quality medical and surgical treatments for foot and ankle injuries and related disorders. 

The practice offers comprehensive podiatric care for common foot concerns like ingrown toenails, hammertoe, bunions, and flat feet. If you’re suffering foot pain or have concerns about your gait, Dr. McCall can evaluate your feet and recommend shoes, orthotics, or physical therapy exercises. 

When appropriate, patients may benefit from highly advanced minimal incision surgeries for ankle instability, bunions, and hammertoes. See anklesprain.com and bunionpain.com for more information. 

Call today to set up your appointment with the friendly, accommodating staff at Alpine Foot and Ankle. Alternatively, use the online booking tool on this website to schedule your next visit.

Your Foot and Ankle Health Starts Here
At Alpine Foot and Ankle, your well-being is our top priority. We understand that foot and ankle issues can be both physically and emotionally challenging, which is why we've created a warm and inviting space for you to receive expert care. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service and care. From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are here to make your experience as comfortable as possible. From conservative treatments to surgical interventions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your specific needs.


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross of Idaho
  Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pacific Source
UnitedHealthcare Oxford


Alpine Foot and Ankle Care specializes in Minimal Incision Surgery techniques, meticulously crafted to minimize scarring and accelerate the pace of recovery. 
Minimally Invasive Surgery Services

Minimally Invasive Surgery

image of ankle

Ankle Pain

image of heel

Heel Pain

image of bunion


image of achilles tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

image of flat feet

Flat Feet

image of hammertoe

Hammer Toe

Doctor examining toes

Ingrown Toenail





Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle



Additional conditions that we treat

Achilles Pain Athlete’s Foot

Arthritis Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Clubfoot Corns/Calluses

Deformity Excess Sweating

Fractures Fungal Nails

Gout Neuroma

Nerve Pain/Neuropathy Plantar Fasciitis

Shin Splints Sports Injuries

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Tendonitis

Tumors Ulcers/Wounds


Our Testimonials

See what people are saying

Absolutely the best. Definitely knows what he’s doing.Highly recommended

HODELIA G. | Jun 13, 2024
Great service

DARIN P. | Jun 13, 2024
Been dealing with pain for months from an ingrown toenail and they were super helpful and quick to get the job done! I’m just a few days post the procedure, but it’s looking good and feeling so much better.

KRESTON S. | May 27, 2024
Very helpful and I appreciated the positivity!

TRAER C. | May 25, 2024
Dr. McCall is awesome! I love him and his staff.

MILDRED P. | Mar 30, 2024
I should have gone to a podiatrist a couple of years ago. Great staff, fast and I am walking with a lot less pain. I am so grateful that Dr. McCall is now in Alpine. Thank you so much!

MARLENE A. | Mar 17, 2024
I am pleased that are always on a timely manner, Also work with me to get in when I need, The staff are wonderful, Thankyou all so much for your service.

ERMA J. | Jan 30, 2024
Very knowledgeable and proactive to get to the source of the problem. Dr McCall is very nice.

STEPHEN M. | Jan 26, 2024
Great service

PAUL W. | Jan 25, 2024
Staff was pleasant. Dr McCall was friendly and helpful.

SHELLY H. | Nov 19, 2023
Very pleased with my visit

FRANCINE L. | Nov 18, 2023
Very helpful and descriptive of injury.

JOURNEY S. | Oct 02, 2023
It was my first time with Dr. McCall and his staff. He was patient with my concerns and I had x-rays and an ultrasound done. He showed me the results and explained the plan going forward. I appreciate all that was done to address my issues. I highly recommend Dr. McCall and his staff!

MARY S. | Sep 03, 2023
My first visit and Dr. McCall was very thorough in his explanation and analyzing my problem.

STEPHANIE D. | Aug 15, 2023
Dr McCall and staff THE best!

THOMAS W. | Aug 08, 2023
Dr. Andrew McCall always takes time if he can to get you in his office and taken care of. I have been in his care for over a year now and I have been nothing but totally satisfied with his health practices. He is zealous when tackling the problem. His is thorough with his pre-diagnosis investigations. He tackles the pain but he also develops a plan for you regarding prevention of the cause of the pain. He’s been able to help me where other podiatrist have not. He is excellent when it comes to pain management and his staff possess great people skills when dealing with the public. I believe he charges reasonable after receiving bills from other podiatrist. I recommend Dr. McCall for your health needs.

JOSEPH R. | Aug 01, 2023
Doctors are expensive, that is natural order, and I am okay with. I got my money's worth. I got the council i needed. It wasn't too expensive or too cheap. It was about the same in the marketplace. The clinic was neat. The office people, were great. Good small talk and to the point. Same with the doctor's conversation. I did like that he was a realists and gave me options. I couldn't give them a accurate rating of 4.6 instead of a 4. Here is the reason for the 4.6. My x-rays! Every doctor, clinic, private practice, hospital has a piece of your medical history. As a consumer, remember we have a right to have to our own medical history. I wish they ( these institution, and others) would offer our piece of medical history. I called and next appointment I will pick them up. You too! Pick up your medical history. It doesn't matter where. That's my review. Be safe. See ya later.

GEORGE T. | Jul 20, 2023
Quick, easy care!

ROBERT H. | Jul 18, 2023
Very friendly and efficient. So impressed that x-rays were done. So they can help you fast. So Grateful I found then. I have a 3 week appt instead of something like 6 months. Oververy happy

ROBYN C. | Jul 13, 2023
Very knowledgeable and kind.

DONNA L. | Jul 11, 2023
The doctor was wonderful and very experienced. Did the work before I even knew it was done? Would recommend him to anyone

EDMUND C. | Jun 30, 2023
This was only my first visit but the doctor was informative, helpful and knowledgeable, the staff was efficient. I'm hopeful I'll get the help I need.

ROSEMARY P. | Jun 21, 2023
excellent from start to

MARY K. | Jun 18, 2023
Dr McCall was very thorough and attentive. I will definitely be going back to him

BRITNIE M. | Jun 15, 2023

BRENDA G. | Jun 13, 2023
Office staff courteous, friendly. Doc McCall explained issues completely. Most important, he spent as much time with me as I needed, answering all my questions.

DIANNE P. | Jun 02, 2023
Very satisfied. Thanks so much for seeing me.

JIMMIE M. | May 19, 2023
Everyone was very friendly and responsive. Dr. McCall was pleasant and thorough.

IRENE T. | May 17, 2023
Dr. McCall is good at what he does. He explains clearly the problem, choices about what to do, and execution of surgery is to notch. He is a hands on and down professional.

CORRINE C. | May 11, 2023
Pretty good.

LARRY G. | Apr 20, 2023
Dr. McCall is my go-to guy for anything involving foot and ankle problems. He’s knowledgeable and explains things well. I highly recommend him.

JOSEPH C. | Apr 12, 2023
Dr. McCall, Answered my question I didn’t fill hurried. I felt at ease with him and he gave me a lot of good options on what can happen on my foot. The gals in the office were very healthful and friendly. I would recommend him to my friends.

CHRIS S. | Apr 06, 2023
Dr. McCall squeezed me in on my husbands appointment. He’s very personable and knowledgeable. Office staff was kind and very helpful.

KARYN L. | Apr 06, 2023
From the call to make the appointment to the front desk when we got there, this place is absolutely full of joy. The girls at the front where more than gracious to us. kind and patient the young lady that took the x-ray was so kind and sweet, the Doctor was knowledgeable and very thorough he explained all the options. I really appreciate the care and I would highly recommend this place. I will not go anywhere else for my foot or ankle needs.

KC G. | Apr 06, 2023
There was a real warmth about the place and the folks there were very professional and thorough.

JEFFERY S. | Mar 17, 2023
Very informative, took time with me to ecplain

PAM N. | Mar 16, 2023
I felt I could trust Dr. McCall. I will be back in touch later.

CAROLYN D. | Mar 08, 2023
Very professional. Provided good education on my issue and treatment options.

TORY B. | Mar 02, 2023
Dr. McCall and his staff were helpful in providing knowledgeable insight and advice, giving me confidence that viable solutions and considerate care were the top priority. Having just completed my second treatment, I am confident my issue will be resolved and even if it persists, I would gladly refer Dr. McCall to others, as the treatment options are technologically advanced and have provided the only relief I have experienced to this point, after nine months of discomfort.

JED H. | Feb 23, 2023
The Dr listened , about all concerns , it was very easy and very fast ..thank you

GRANT W. | Feb 18, 2023
Excellent experience at this practice l. Very friendly and helpful staff. My condition was explained clearly and and I was provided with an option to delay surgery for the time being. I highly recommend.

HEATHER M. | Feb 15, 2023
Professional and informative

JUSTIN B. | Feb 08, 2023

DON D. | Feb 04, 2023
Very nice to patients have great customers service

MELODY A. | Feb 03, 2023
It was a great experience . Everyone was nice. Everything went great. We tried a shot on my left Foot to ease the shooting pain i get. See him again in two weeks. He says he can flx things but he has to narrow down what is not going on!

RICHARD C. | Jan 18, 2023
Great experience

DIANE A. | Dec 29, 2022
Highly recommend! This was my 1st visit. Receptionist was very kind and Dr. McCall was kind and very informative. This visit was an ingrown toenail procedure, next visit will be bunion surgery. The dr put my mind at ease about having this done. I have put it off for years. I feel comfortable with Dr. McCall getting it taken care of.

JILL M. | Dec 27, 2022
Thorough and professional. Excellent relief from plantar facitis

SHERI C. | Dec 23, 2022
Friendly. Covered every angle. Answered every question. Explained options.

PHYLLIS D. | Dec 09, 2022
Very professional

GARY Y. | Dec 02, 2022
Dr.Mcall is very kind and considerate of his patients . He is awesome!

BARBARA L. | Nov 30, 2022
Very professional and made me feel comfortable

JENNIFER S. | Nov 16, 2022
First visit. Other than lengthy waiting time to see Dr., very pleasant experience. Once I got to see Dr., I was very pleased with his care.

STEPHEN M. | Nov 02, 2022
Great staff and providers. They took time with me and explained everything clearly.

STEVEN D. | Oct 28, 2022
On time. I didn't have to wait long at all to be seen. Listens well to all of my concerns. I like having the convenience of the x-ray machine in office. Dr Mc Call seems "genuinely" concerned. Very thorough and helped set up appointments for imaging.

VICKI M. | Oct 28, 2022
He was Profesional explained ever thing worked fast did what I needed to have done told what he was doing and why.

Lloyd S. | Sep 21, 2022
Great experience fast and friendly

Kathy H. | Sep 21, 2022
I was having heel and was leaving on a trip requiring a lot of walking. I called and they got me in in reasonable time. Dr McCall was very personable and reviewed my problems offered suggestions and gave me an injection.

Bruce B. | Sep 08, 2022
Dr McCall was really awesome. I enjoyed my time and he entertained all my questions and was really excited about teaching and helping me understand what was going on.

Michael S. | Aug 16, 2022
Amazing doctor! Entire office is welcoming, caring, friendly, and professional. Thanks.

Larry W. | Aug 05, 2022
Dr. McCall always spends the time to explain and help solve my foot or toe problems. He always has.

Carol B. | Aug 02, 2022
Appointments are always on time, not sitting and waiting an hour to see Dr. McCall. He is personable and very informative.

Anna L. | Jul 14, 2022
the doctor saw me in a very timely manner. asked and answered questions to my satisfaction. offered options and medical advice. would recommend to others.

Kevin S. | Jul 08, 2022
I was very nervous going to my appointment but it was a great experience and I would recommend this wonderful doctor and staff to everyone! Very thorough and explained everything very well.

Beth F. | Jun 03, 2022
Very happy the Dr. and the whole office.

Ron D. | Jun 01, 2022
What a great experience, will definitely go back and recommend to EVERYONE!!! Way Groovy Dr. and Nurses!!! Thank you for making a nerve racking procedure wayyyyy easier than I expected it to be!!!

Amy S. | May 16, 2022
Very caring about their Patients and explain things very well! Awesome Dr. and Nurses!

Paul S. | May 16, 2022
Great job as always,

Diane S. | May 05, 2022
Dr. was kind and patient with my father and took very good care of his diabetic foot health! - Cynthia

James J. | May 03, 2022

Maryette L. | Apr 29, 2022
The Dr. was very kind, gentle, and wanting to engage in conversation. The nursing staff was very happy, welcoming, and very helpful.

Chase P. | Apr 08, 2022
Dr. Andrew McCall and his staff, are so amazing. I had to have foot surgery and DR McCall is just awesome!! I would recommend them highly

Lynn H. | Mar 31, 2022
Caring, professional and helpful.

Marilynn K. | Mar 31, 2022
Dr McCall is a very good Doctor. I have been seeing him for six years.

Colleen B. | Mar 28, 2022
woman running
Keeping you as active as you want to be.

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